How to use Bulk Editing

Why use Bulk Editing

Bulk Edit is a feature of Admin Columns Pro that allows you to edit multiple items at once, e.g. posts or users. Bulk Edit allows you to update your data directly from the WordPress list table for any post type. Each visible field on the list table can be updated directly. That means you don’t have to open each post one at the time.

A custom post type list table with bulk editing capabilities with the use of Admin Columns Pro.

Admin Columns Pro Bulk Edit functionality will also work on Custom Field data.

How to enable Bulk Edit

  1. Go to the column settings screen: Dashboard > Settings > Admin Columns.
  2. Select the WordPress List Table you'd like to Bulk Edit. e.g. Posts, Pages, or Custom Post Types.
  3. Add columns that you would like to use bulk edit on.
  4. Enable Bulk Edit per column by clicking the Icon.

    Or open the column settings to enable Bulk Edit from the settings menu:

  5. The contents of the columns can now be bulk edited. Continue reading how to use Bulk Edit.

How to use Bulk Edit

  1. Go to the WordPress list table that you'd like to Bulk Edit. e.g. Posts, Pages, or Custom Post Types.

    In this example, we will use a Custom Post Type (list table) named Cars with some custom fields.
  2. You can make a custom selection of items to Bulk Edit. Make sure you select at least 2 items.
  3. Or Select All Items that a currently visible on the page.
  4. Or Select All Items (ignoring pagination)
  5. After you made your selection a bulk edit menu will appear below the column labels. Click on the Bulk Edit button for the column you want to bulk edit.
  6. Make your changes and click Update to apply them to your selection.

    In this example, we are updating a Custom Field named Car Type.
  7. Your changes are now applied to all selected items. Click Done to close the screen.

Use Smart Filters in combination with Bulk Edit

Add smart filters to make a filtered selection of the items you want to Bulk Edit. By applying the smart filters you can easily make a custom selection for the items you need to bulk edit.

  1. Add smart filters and click Filter to apply them.
  2. Click the top-left checkbox to select all items.
  3. Now you can bulk edit the filtered results by clicking Bulk Edit

How to disable Bulk Edit

You can disable Bulk Edit for the entire list table.

  1. Go to Dashboard > Settings > Admin Columns. And scroll down to Settings (optional).
  2. Check Hide on Screen: Bulk Edit to disable it.
  3. Bulk Edit is now disabled for the entire list table. This includes columns with bulk edit enabled.

Custom Fields

Inline Editing for Custom Fields is disabled by default. Read how to enable editing for Custom Field columns.

Compatible Custom Field Plugins

We have integrations available for custom field data created with the use of these plugins:

We highly recommend installing our integration add-ons when you have one of these plugins installed. Bulk edit will then use the plugin's internal API functions to store the data.

Supported List Tables & Columns

Each list table has different columns, but almost all columns support bulk editing. Click on each list table to see what columns are Editable (Bulk- and Inline-Edit):


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