How to use Export

Why use export

The export feature in Admin Columns Pro allows you to export any content from the list table to a CSV file. You will be able to export your column data from any WordPress list table, such as Post, Pages, Custom Post Types. Export works great in combination with filtering and sorting so that you have complete control over which posts and fields to be included in your export.


Export needs to be enabled per column on the settings screen. 

  1. Go to the column settings screen: Dashboard > Settings > Admin Column.
  2. Enable export per column by clicking the export icon

    Or open the column settings and enable export:
  3. Click on Update to save the changes and click on View on top of the settings page to go back to the table overview.
  4. Click on the Export button on top of the list table to export the data.

  5. A CSV file is generated and automatically downloaded. The status of the export will be visible on top of the table.

  6. The generated CSV file contains all data displayed on the list table (including paginated items).

When the list table is filtered and sorted then the generated CSV file will also apply these filters and sorting.

How to toggle the Export Button per user

You can also hide the Export button per user.

  1. Got to the list table: Dashboard > Posts (or Users) and open the Screen Options in the top-right corner.
  2. Click the checkbox next to Export Button to show or hide the button on the list table.

Disable Export

The export functionality can also completely be disabled per list table for all users.

  1. Go to the optional settings (below the column settings) and enable Hide on screen: Export.

Spreadsheet Compatible

Export deals with characters that have a special meaning in popular spreadsheet tools like Excel and Sheets. If a value starts with a character like = or @, it will be escaped by placing a ' in front of it. This way these characters are not interpreted as a command, but just displayed as text instead.

If you require your data to not be escaped, have a look at our export filters. With these filters, you can disable this behavior or alter the export value to meet your requirements.

Supported List Tables

Admin Columns Pro supports the following list tables to be exported to a CSV file:

Tip: To change the exported value you can use our Hooks: Actions & Filters.

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