Hooks: Actions and Filters

Admin Columns has many WordPress PHP hooks that allow you to change the default behavior and even extend it with new functionality. All filters and actions are listed here with code examples.


Filter ac/column/value View examples
Filter ac/headings/label View examples

Custom Field

Filter ac/column/custom_field/use_text_input View examples
Filte acp/custom_field/stored_date_format View examples


Filter acp/sorting/default View examples
Filter acp/sorting/custom_field/date_type View examples

Inline and Bulk Editing

Filter acp/editing/bulk/updated_rows_per_iteration View examples
Filter acp/editing/bulk/show_confirmation View examples
Filter acp/editing/bulk/is_active View examples
Filter acp/editing/persistent View examples
Filter acp/editing/save_value View examples
Action acp/editing/saved View examples
Filter acp/editing/view View examples
Filter acp/editing/view_settings View examples

Smart Filtering

Filter acp/search/filters View examples


Filter ac/export/value View examples
Filter ac/export/exportable_list_screen/num_items_per_iteration View examples
Filter ac/export/exporter_csv/delimiter View examples
Filter acp/export/is_active View examples
Filter acp/export/file_name View examples
Filter ac/export/value/escape View examples

Quick Add

Filter acp/quick_add/enable View examples
Action acp/quick_add/saved View examples


Filter ac/delete_confirmation View examples
Filter ac/suppress_site_wide_notices View examples
Filter acp/hide_renewal_notice View examples

List Table

Filter ac/post_types View examples

PHP Storage

Filter acp/storage/file/directory View examples
Filter acp/storage/file/directory/writable View examples

Select2 Dropdown

Filter acp/select/formatter/user_name View examples

Conditional Formatting

Filter acp/conditional_format/formats View examples

More Features

Filter acp/horizontal_scrolling/enable View examples
Filter acp/resize_columns/active View examples


All the listed hooks are documented with examples in the admin-columns-hooks repository on Github.

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