How to find the List Screen ID or Key

The "List Screen ID" and  "List Screen Key" can be found by opening the screen options in the top-right corner of the admin columns settings page. Enable the "List screen ID/Key" by clicking the checkbox next to it. The list screen ID (or Key) will now be visible in the right sidebar.

What is the List Screen ID

The `ID` is a unique identifier that is assigned when the List Screen has been stored in the database. e.g. 5eeca96a61826.

The method AC\ListScreen::get_layout_id() will return the list screen ID.

What is the List Screen Key

The `Key` is a hard-coded identifier for each type of list screen. There are multiple types of list screens, such as 'Posts', 'Pages', 'Users' or 'Media.


List Screen Label Key Example
Posts $post_type post
Pages $post_type page
Users wp-users wp-users
Network Users wp-ms_users wp-ms_users
Media wp-media wp-media
Comments wp-comments wp-comments
Categories wp-taxonomy_{$term} wp-taxonomy_category
Tags wp-taxonomy_{$term} wp-taxonomy_post_tag

The method AC\ListScreen::get_key() will return the list screen Key.

The $list_screen_id or $list_screen_key is useful when you are using our actions and filters and you need to target a specific List Screen.