How to use Inline Editing

Why use Inline Editing

Admin Columns Pro allows inline editing of the column's content directly from the list table. Just click on an editable column and easily adjust your post data without opening each post one by one. Inline Editing must be enabled per column through the settings page.

How to use Inline Editing

  1. Go to the column settings screen: Dashboard > Settings > Admin Columns.
  2. Enable Inline Editing by clicking the pencil icon.

  3. You can also enable Inline Edit per column in the column settings menu.

  4. Click on Update to save the changes and click on View on top of the settings page to go back to the table overview.
  5. Go back to the overview. Once at least one column has inline editing enabled, you should be able to toggle editing on top of the overview.

  6. A pencil icon will appear next to the column value. Click on the pencil icon to edit the value for the column.

Custom Fields

Inline Editing for Custom Fields is disabled by default. Read how to enable editing for Custom Field columns

Supported List Tables

Each list table has different columns, but almost all columns support inline editing. Click on each list table to see what columns it supports:

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