WooCommerce & Admin Columns integration

Why use Admin Columns with WooCommerce

Managing an eCommerce website can be a tedious job. With the WooCommerce integration for Admin Columns Pro, managing your products, order, and coupons will become a breeze. Manage product info right from the list table page without leaving the page. Easily filter order based on several conditions that you decide. Get more user insights by adding marketing related columns to the User list tables.

With our advanced set of custom columns and support for editing, sorting, filtering, and export, you can greatly improve your efficiency in working with your webshop.

Download & Install the WooCommerce integration add-on

Before we can begin you will need to install the WooCommerce integration add-on. Here is how to install the WooCommerce integration add-on.

Available Columns

The WooCommerce integration adds a lot of custom columns to the WooCommerce list tables. Click on the list table type below to see the available columns and their pro features.

  1. Products
  2. Product variations
  3. Orders
  4. Coupons
  5. Users
  6. Subscriptions

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