Enable inline- and bulk-editing for custom field columns

With Admin Columns it is possible to inline and bulk edit values for custom fields on the list table. Because you must be well aware of how values for custom fields are stored in the database, this option is disabled by default. You can enable editing for custom fields on our settings page.

How to enable editing for custom fields

  1. Go to the column settings screen: Dashboard > Settings > Admin Columns

  2. Now you can Enable Inline Editing and Bulk Editing for each Custom Field column

  3. To Inline Edit: Go to the list table and Enable Inline Edit. Then click the Pencil Icon to start editing.
  4. To Bulk Edit: Select the items on the left side and then click on Bulk Edit.

Save Formats

For each custom field type we store the value to the database as follows:

Field Type Input Field Value Format Value Example
Default Text | Textarea string My Text
Color Colorpicker string #808080
Date Datepicker string Y-m-d 2020-12-31
Image Media Picker int Attachment ID 1326
Number Numeric int 88
Text Text | Textarea string My Text
URL URL string https://example.com
True / False Toggle boolean 1 or 0
Media Media Picker int Attachment ID 1326
Post Select int Post ID 14521
User Select int User ID 34


We have multiple hooks to alter the editing behavior for custom fields. For example, you can easily change the date field to a DateTime field and change the storage value to a timestamp with the following hooks.

Filter acp/editing/save_value View examples
Filter acp/editing/view_settings View examples

Inline- and Bulk Editing

Read more on how to use Inline Editing »
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Compatible Plugins

We have special integrations available for custom field data created with the use of these plugins. We highly recommend installing them. They will use the internal API of that particular plugin to store the correct data format. And they include better editing capaibilites, such support for multiple fields, serialized- and relational data.

We highly recommend installing our integration add-ons when you have one of these plugins installed.

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