How to upgrade from v3 to v4

Admin Columns Pro version 4 has some major changes compared to version 3. Although we tried to make sure that no errors will occur when you update to the new version there are some things you might want to read before you upgrade to the latest version, especially when you have written some custom code for Admin Columns Pro.


When you update Admin Columns Pro to version 4, the old addons will automatically be deactivated. Please make sure that you also update the ACF and WooCommerce add-on to the latest version which is compatible with Admin Columns version 4. The new version of Admin Columns Pro will also come with some new integration add-ons for Pods and Types. It is also prepared to support even more add-ons in the future.

Filters / Actions

Since the core is changed a lot and we want to prevent that existing filters/actions can give any fatal errors, we removed almost all v3 filters and actions. If you have any old V3 filters or actions in your code, you'll get a deprecated notice for those on the new Help tab which you can find in the Admin Columns settings screen. This new Help tab will help developers migrating the old filters and actions to the new ones. Below you will find an overview of the old V3 filters and actions and the replacement in V4.


Learn more about all the changes in version 4.0 in our changelog.


Admin Columns Pro version 4.0 was released on April 4, 2017. The filters mentioned below can be out-of-date. Please learn more about our current actions and filters.


Version 3 Version 4
cac/column/actions/action_links [removed]
cac/column/default_options [removed]
cac/column/meta/raw_value [removed]
cac/column/meta/types ac/column/custom_field/field_types
cac/column/meta/use_text_input ac/column/custom_field/use_text_input
cac/column/meta/value ac/column/value
cac/column/value|/{type} ac/column/value
cac/columns/custom ac/column_types
cac/acf/format_acf_value [removed]


Version 3 Version 4
cacie/inline_edit/active|/storage_key={key} acp/editing/preference/is_active
cac/inline-edit/ajax-column-save/value acp/editing/save_value
cac/editable/column_save acp/editing/save
cac/editable/column_value|/column={type} acp/editing/value|/{type}
cac/editable/editables_data acp/editing/view_settings
cac/editable/is_column_editable|/column={type} acp/editing/active|/{type}
cac/editable/options acp/editing/view_settings


Version 3 Version 4
cac/addon/filtering/dropdown_empty_option acp/filtering/dropdown_args
cac/addon/filtering/dropdown_top_label [removed]
cac/addon/filtering/options acp/filtering/dropdown_args
cac/addon/filtering/taxonomy/terms_args acp/filtering/terms_args


Version 3 Version 4
ac/delete_confirmation ac/delete_confirmation
ac/export_import/export_single_sets acp/export_single_sets
ac/layouts acp/layouts
cac/addons/install_request/maybe_error [removed]
cac/api/secure ac/api/secure
cac/api/url ac/api/url
cac/default_column_names [removed]
cac/display_licence/addon={key} acp/display_licence
cac/get_posts/post_status acp/editing/post_statuses
cac/grouped_columns ac/column_groups
cac/headings/label ac/headings/label
cac/hide_renewal_notice acp/hide_renewal_notice
cac/is_cac_screen [removed]
cac/is_cache_enabled acp/filtering/use_cache
cac/is_doing_ajax [removed]
cac/network_settings/groups acp/network_settings/groups
cac/post_types ac/post_types
cac/settings/group ac/settings/groups
cac/settings/tabs [removed]
cac/storage_model/meta_keys ac/column/custom_field/meta_keys
cac/suppress_site_wide_notices ac/suppress_site_wide_notices
cac/taxonomies acp/taxonomies
cpac/addons/addon_groups ac/addons/groups
cpac/suppress_proaddon_notice [removed]
pre_option_link_manager_enabled [removed]


Version 3 Version 4
cac/admin_head ac/admin_head
cac/loaded ac/ready
cac/inline-edit/after_ajax_column_save ac/columns_stored
cac/settings/after_title ac/settings/after_title
cac/settings/form_actions ac/settings/form_actions
cac/settings/sidebox ac/settings/sidebox
cac/settings/form_columns [removed]
cac/settings/after_columns ac/settings/after_columns
cac/column/settings_meta [removed]
cac/settings/general ac/settings/general
cac/settings/groups/row={id} ac/settings/group/{id}
cpac_messages [removed]
cac/settings/after_menu ac/settings/after_menu

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