How to display columns based on user or role

Why assign columns to specific users or roles

Admin Columns Pro allows you to show a group of columns to a specific user or role. This can be useful when you perform different tasks on your website. For example, when working on SEO you need to see the keywords and meta descriptions for easy editing. When writing content you want to see detailed information, such as the length of the articles and reading time. 


  1. Start by creating a column set.
  2. Add the columns
  3. Now you can assign a role or user to the entire column set. When you are done click Update.
  4. The assigned user (role: Editor) will now see the SEO columns when visiting the list table.
  5. When assigning the other Column Set "Copywriter" to the role "Contributor", these users will now see a different table view.
  6. When a user with the role "Contributor" views the same table they will see the other columns.
  7. When you have assigned multiple column sets to the same user or role, they will see a dropdown menu on top of the list table. This allows them to switch to another column set.

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