Show all results when sorting

As a default, when sorting a list table by a column it will exclude items where its value is empty.

How it works

  1. For example, we want to sort posts by Content. Some posts do not have content, as shown below.

  2. When sorted, all items that do not have content are excluded from the results.
  3. By enabling the setting Show all results when sorting we can include empty values in our results.
  4. Now, with Show all results when sorting enabled, we see all results (including empty values).
  5. With this setting, you have the choice to include or exclude empty values when using sort.

The setting Show all results when sorting applies to all columns (not just Content).

Faster sorting

Disabling the "Show all results" option can increase sorting performance. This can be especially noticeable when sorting relational (meta) data on large datasets (e.g. > 40.000 items).

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