Contribute to Admin Columns

There are multiple ways on how you can contribute to Admin Columns.

Translating the plugin

If you can help us translate Admin Columns into your native language we’ll give you a  free personal license. If you already have a personal license or you’d prefer either the business or developer license, we’ll give you a discount. Our codebase consist of two translation:

  1. Translation for the free version which is managed on
  2. Translation for the pro version and integrations which is managed on Transifex.

Read about how you can translate the plugin.

Code contribution

It’s possible to contribute to our codebase for both the free version and our pro version including the integrations.

Admin Columns Lite version (public repository)

The repository can be found on Github and everyone can do pull requests to this repository. All branches are related to an issue on our Github Issue Tracker

Admin Column Pro and Integrations (private repository)

If you want to contribute to our pro version or one of our integrations, please contact us on or try to reach out on our Slack channel and we’ll pick it up from there.

Error reporting code base

Reporting issues and feature requests can be done on our forum. If needed, we create a bug report on our Github Issue List. If you have already done some investigation or can provide us with useful debug information, please feel free to report a new bug on the Github Issue Tracker yourself.

In order to do that, we request you to take a moment to read our issue tracker guidelines to make the contribution process easy and effective for everyone involved.

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