Translate Admin Columns into your own language

Help us translate Admin Columns

If you can help us translate Admin Columns into your native language we’ll give you a free personal license. If you already have a personal license or you’d prefer either the business or developer license, we’ll give you a discount.

Pick your language

Our codebase consist of two translation:

  • Translation for the free version which is managed on
  • Translation for the pro version and integrations which is managed on Transifex.

How to translate on Transifex

If you do not have an account with Transifex yet, you can register one for free.

  1. Pick your language on Transifiex.
  2. Select a string and start translating!

Please note: A license will only be given if you submit a complete and working translation of the plugin. Native speakers only, please. In the future, we may also give licenses for substantial updates to existing translations, as they can become out of date.

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