How to upgrade or downgrade your license

It is possible to upgrade or downgrade your license at any time during the subscription. An upgrade of the license is calculated prorated for the remaining time of your subscription. Please note that upgrading a license at the end of your subscription, requires you to place an order for the upgrade first and one for the renewal once it expires. If your license is already expired, you must renew your license first, before you can upgrade it to a higher tier.

How to upgrade your license to a higher tier

When a license is upgraded, the upgrade price is calculated pro-rated for the remaining period of the subscription. See the following example:

Current plan: $90 / year
New plan: $150 / year

Proration Logic:

  • $90 paid at the beginning of the billing period
  • Let's say, the upgrade is made after 4 months (1/3 of a year)
  • Prorate remaining credit $60 (90 * 66%)
  • Additional charge of the new plan for the remaining period: $100 (150 * 66%)
  • Net charges after adjusting credits: $30 ($100 - $60)

To upgrade your license, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your license page on our website
  2. In the Upgrades section, you will see an estimation of the costs for the upgrade.
  3. Click on the Show Details link to go to the checkout page

  4. On the checkout, you will find the initial checkout price (in this case $29.79) and the renewal price that needs to be paid when the license expires.

How to downgrade your license to a lower tier

Currently, it is not possible to downgrade your license on your account page. If you want to downgrade your license to a lower tier, please send an email to

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