Installing via Composer

Admin Columns Pro and all integrations can be installed and updated using Composer. To start using Composer, add our repository to your composer.json and use an auth.json file for authentication. The steps to do that are outlined below. It assumes you have Composer running and know how to use it a little. You can find more information about installing and using Composer on the official website.

Create an Authentication Token

  1. Login into your account on 
  2. Go to the Composer tab and click Add Token.
  3. The Authentication Token is now generated and ready for use.

You can create as many tokens as you like. So, for example, giving each developer in your team a token can be a feasible strategy to add or revoke access when required. Each token can also be provided with a description to help you remember why you added this token. The tokens are only valid for the Composer API and can be just as easily added as revoked.

Add Our Repository To Composer

  1. Click on Show composer.json and copy the contents to your composer.json file.

    Note: You can remove unwanted integrations from the "require" section and change the versions as you like.

  2. Create or update the  auth.json file, which should be in the same directory as composer.json

    Click on Show auth.json for the token you want to use and add the contents to auth.json

    Note: By using  auth.json for authentication, you can keep credentials outside version control. Just make sure version control ignores the file.

Composer Versions

You can use the Composer version syntax to specify any constraints. Have a look at our releases if you need to target a specific version.

"require": {
    "admin-columns/admin-columns-pro": "^5.3"

Customizing the Install Location

We use composer/installers to automatically install packages to wp-content/plugins. If you have a custom folder to store your plugins, have a look at their documentation on custom install paths

Example composer.json

    "repositories": [
            "type": "composer",
            "url": ""
    "require": {
        "admin-columns/admin-columns-pro": "5.*",
        "admin-columns/ac-addon-acf": "*",
        "admin-columns/ac-addon-yoast-seo": "*",
        "admin-columns/ac-addon-woocommerce": "*"

Known Issues

  • Composer asks me for credentials even when my auth.json has a bearer token configured
    Composer added support for bearer tokens in March 2020 for version 1.10, so make sure you do not run an outdated version of Composer.

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