Auto-Renewal Questions

When buying a new license for Admin Columns Pro, it will automatically renew annually. You will receive an email a few days before your license will expire in order to remind you that your license will be renewed automatically.

Why enable Auto-Renewal?

With Auto-Renewal enabled, you won't see any renewal messages in the admin of the websites that use Admin Columns Pro. Since the license is renewed automatically you won't miss any updates from our plugin and will remain access to Admin Columns Pro. 

How do I enable Auto-Renewal?

Auto-renewals can be enabled by visiting  My Acount. When you want to enable Auto-Renewal and you did not yet add a Payment-Method before, you'll be asked to do this before you can enable auto-renewal.

  1. Click on the toggle button or on Enable Auto Renewals to enable Auto-Renewals or add a new Payment Method.
  2. A confirmation will be shown to add a new Payment Method.
  3. Confirm the message and add your credit card or PayPal information in order to add the payment method and enable Auto-Renewal.
  4. Once the payment method is added, you will be taken back to the license page with Auto-Renewals enabled.

Once your payment information has been added, you can toggle auto-renewal on from the right side of each product listing.

Are auto-renewals enabled on my purchases?

For purchases made after November 2019, auto-renew is enabled by default.
For purchases made before November 2019, you need to enable the option auto-renew.

You can review and change the renewal setting by visiting the My Account page in your account.

What payment methods can be stored?

Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Discover, Diner’s Club, and American Express. More information at Cards and Payment Types accepted by Stripe.

Can I store more than one payment method?

No. You can only store one payment method per account. For developers building sites for clients, we recommend that the client owns his/her subscription on their account.

How do I disable auto-renewal or cancel a subscription?

To disable automatic renewals for a product, visit the My Account page and toggle auto-renewal off. Your automatic payment is then cancelled, and you won't be charged.

Disabling auto-renew is also a way to pay “manually.” Enter a credit card to enable auto-renew, allow payment to be taken on the due date, and then disable auto-renew. 

Once Auto-Renewal is disabled, you will receive a reminder email a few days before your license expires in order to renew your license manually.

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