How many sites can I activate with my license

The amount of sites that can be activated by a license depends on the license type that you are on.

  • The Single license allows you to activate and use the license on a single website.
  • The Business license allows you to activate and use the license on 5 websites.
  • The Agency license allows you to activate and use the license on unlimited websites.

The unlimited amount of activations for the developer license is based on fair-use-policy. It is not allowed to share a license key outside your company

Site Limit will not count development domains

When you activate a new install, we will automatically detect if it’s a production or development/staging site.  A development site will NOT count towards your Site Limit, only production environments do.

Each Admin Columns Pro license tier is limited to a different number of Active Sites as defined on the pricing page. Any time you activate your license key on a production site it counts toward your license’s Active Sites limit. 

For example, activating your license on will count as one site of your limit, but activating it on,,, mysite.local etc. will not count toward your Site Limit.

If your development domain is not marked as Local please contact support, so we can exclude it from counting towards your Site Limit.

WordPress Multisite Network

On a WordPress Multisite, all plugins are stored in one location. When you update your plugin in the Network Admin, all sub-sites receive the update. For product access, support and updates, a Single license key is required per Multisite Network.

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