How to use the Primary Column

With the Primary Column feature, it is possible to change which column that contains the Row Actions. It is also the only column that is visible on the table on a mobile device. By default, WordPress sets the primary column to the 'Title' column or when it is not available, the first column on the Table.

How to change the Primary Column for a list table

  1. To change the primary column for a list table, go to the settings page by clicking the radar icon on the list table.
  2. Scroll down to 'Settings' and change the Primary Column to one of the available columns on the table.
  3. Primary Column setting
  4. Save the settings and go back to the list table
  5. Example of a custom Primary Column

The Action column

Adding the 'Action' column to the table, automatically causes the row actions to move to that specific column. With the option to display icons instead of links, you can create a more compact interface

  1. Go to the settings page
  2. Click on the Add Column button and add the 'Action' column
  3. Choose if you want to display icons or text links
  4. Adding the Actions column
  5. Save the settings and go back to the list table to check the new action column
  6. Example of a list table with the Actions column

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