How to use Bulk Delete

Why Use Bulk Delete

Bulk Delete allows you to delete multiple items at once, e.q. posts or users. The main difference between the Bulk Delete feature in Admin Columns Pro and the Bulk Delete in WordPress is that our feature allows you to delete items over multiple pages (paginated) and takes all filters into account. And instead of trying to delete all selected items at once, our Bulk Delete feature does everything in batch so you will not run into any timeout errors. 

How to enable Bulk Delete

Bulk Delete is enabled by default, but can be disabled on the settings page. To do this, you can do the following:

  1. Go to the column settings screen: Dashboard > Settings > Admin Columns.
  2. On the settings page, scroll down to the 'Toggle Elements' section and click on the 'Bulk Delete' button to disable/enable the feature.
  3. Make sure that you Save the settings.

How to use Bulk Delete

  1. Go to the WordPress list table where you want to Bulk Delete items. Bulk Delete will work on all (Custom) Post Type, Media, User, and Taxonomy pages.
  2. You can make a custom selection of items to Bulk Delete. Make sure you select at least 1 item.
  3. Or you can Select All Items that are visible on the page
  4. Or Select all paginated items that are on all the filtered pages (ignoring pagination)
  5. Once you've made the desired selection, a bulk action menu will appear below the column labels. Click on the 'Trash can' icon in order to start the bulk delete process.
  6. Depending on what content type you're about to delete, you will have some additional options:
    Example of deleting posts and comments
    Example of deleting users
  7. Click on the Delete button and confirm in order to start the deletion of the selected items
  8. If there are any errors during the deletion process, they will be logged in the modal.
  9. The items are now deleted. Click 'Done' to close the screen and refresh the page.

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